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Linton Pottery is owned and run by Emma Kiernan, who produces handcrafted, unique clay stoneware, which is glazed and then kiln fired.  This is all made from a small home pottery studio. 

For further details, call or email me from the contact form below. Some of the items for sale are currently displayed on the website and are available to purchase using the contact form or by calling me directly. It is also possible to arrange a visit to the studio. 

Linton Pottery will also be available from local craft fairs in and around the Cambridge area. Information on dates and location of these craft fairs will be displayed on the website in due course.   


 My hobby and love for ceramics has led me to start my own small business. I work from my home studio and hand throw all of the clay I use on my potters wheel. Once handcrafted, it is then kiln fired to 1250C.  I enjoy combining glazes and creating unique designs which transform the stoneware into individual pieces of work.  Opening the kiln after each firing is a truly magical experience and I never really know what exciting new colour creations I will find.  Each item is totally unique.  The majority of my pottery is made to be functional and for every day use.

 Welcome to Linton Pottery.

Emma x 

Stoneware available for photography


I have seen an increasing interest and demand for the use of our pottery as accessories and props for photo shoots in food photography and interior design. If you have any interest or require any stoneware items to purchase for use in photography, please feel free to contact me or to discuss your requirements further. 

 Pictures courtesy of Eula Mickelborg, creative lifestyle photographer at Purple Plum Photography. 


Picture shown features top middle, a small bowl with pine nuts, bottom right, a small dish with sea salt and shallow bowl with olive oil... all from Linton Pottery. 


Picture shown features, not only a delicious bacon bagel, but a small lipped plate in frost blue with a dramatic swirl from centre to outer edge (scroll through the gallery at top of for full image).  


Picture shown features, pink peppercorn stems and peppercorns in a small bowl.

Latest News

Linton pottery is available from "Gallery above"

Linton pottery is available from "Gallery above"

Linton pottery is available from "Gallery above"


 Linton Pottery is now available in "Gallery Above" High Street, Linton, Cambridge.  Thanks to gallery owner Rosemary Wellings, I have been lucky enough to supply a selection of pottery, which is now on sale.  The building the gallery is in (by coincidence), used to be Linton Pottery over 40 years ago!  Along with my pottery you can find some lovely gifts from artwork to sculpture and a variety of unique local artists work. It's certainly worth a visit! 

(09th December 2019) 

linton pottery is now on instagram

Linton pottery is available from "Gallery above"

Linton pottery is available from "Gallery above"


Linton Pottery now has an official Instagram account.  Follow me on Instagram @lintonpottery to find out updates and pictures of my latest pottery creations. 

(29th September 2019) 

Linton pottery in Angela Reeds, Saffron Walden

Linton pottery is available from "Gallery above"

Linton pottery in Angela Reeds, Saffron Walden


Exciting pottery is now for sale at Angela Reed Furniture and Fine Things in Saffron Walden.  A small selection of my work is on display and for sale in the "Local Hero's" section of the store.  You can find coasters, bowls, mugs and a few other items that may catch your eye.  Thank you to the team at Angela Reed for giving me this fantastic opportunity.  

(14th September 2019) 

Currently available to purchase from Linton Pottery online

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